The International Scientific Conference: Albania and Albanians in the integration processes

Call for participation in Conference


The Department of Geography of the University of Tirana and the Institute of European Studies of the University of Tirana organize the International Scientific Conference

13-14 December 2019, Tirana

The European integration is a process rooted in the idea of ​​the United Europe, which evolves in a ground of constant local, global and “glocal” changes. Apart the great integration at the european scale, the albanians are involved also in regional or even local processes of integration. The strategic aspiration of integration for Albania and Albanians is accompanied by various changes in all areas of human activity that occurs in the natural environmental background. All these processes are reflected in the social and economic development features. The challenges of the integration process are diverse for each European country. These challenges are harder for the Western Balkan Countries, and in this context the challenges of Albania and Albanian population are interlinked with contemporary tendencies. All the processes that are interrelated and mutually influenced by the integration processes have to be researched in depth to guarantee an integral and effective integration process for the future. This interdisciplinary approach is at the focus of the Conference organized by the Department of Geography and the Institute of European Studies of the University of Tirana.

Below is just a first very broad draft of the research areas of study that we consider relevant to this Conference. The Conference is open to all expertises connected to the suggested thematics while the Conference Scientific Committee remains open to other suggestions based on scientific arguments.

The Conference will have a Poster Session open for colleagues who will choose to present their work at a poster framework. This session is also open for PhD candidates, for Masters, or for students following the Master studies.

The Scientific Board of the Conference

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